What Jack Henry Face Product is Right for You?

by McKenna Ruzga

We're big believers in the power of face oils for hydration, protection, and clear skin. If you're looking to step up your skincare game but not sure which of our face products can best address your needs, here's the lowdown. 

Need a refresher on how to use face oils? Head to this post.

Morning Hydrate

It's all in the name. We formulated MORNING HYDRATE with coconut oil, sweet almond oil, and turmeric oil to give your face a hit of smoothing hydration, natural luster, and protection all day long. The sweet almond oil and fractionated coconut oil we use are lightweight and absorb quickly so you can put it on and run out the door with zero shine or greasy feel.

Nightly Detox

Wake up feeling fresh by applying NIGHTLY DETOX before bed. Tea tree oil's antibacterial properties decongest pores and balance your skin while ultra-hydrating avocado oil helps promote collagen growth and reverses the effects of aging. Perfect one-two punch with MORNING HYDRATE.

Super Face Moisturizer

The ideal addition for those days when your skin is feeling a little extra dry or if you just need a good "all-arounder" for morning or night. SUPER FACE MOISTURIZER is packed with antioxidants and fatty acids for a serious hit of anti-aging power and a healthy, hydrated look while rosehip oil helps reduce the appearance of dark spots. Absorbs fast for a matte look.

Face Refresh Serum

Serums are a little different than your day-to-day moisturizing oils and are great when your skin needs some extra love. FACE REFRESH SERUM is full of nutrient-dense, powerhouse ingredients created to tackle the most common skin challenges: balancing tone and texture, replenishing moisture, and reducing blemishes and signs of aging. While you may notice an immediate difference, you'll get the best results with consistent use.