jack henry is an award winning self care and wellness brand based in costa mesa, ca with a global presence all formulations are original and created in-house by our team. no outside chemists or labs. we operate and manage production, inventory, logistics, marketing, sales, and product development full vertically by our team. we have a deep supply chain with family-run, eco-cert and sustainable farms for our ingredients.

come as you are.

we will never use questionable chemicals you can’t pronounce. every product comes from a personal need. all our products are formulated and crafted in-house, by us. and, because we believe that elegance lies in simplicity, we use as few ingredients as possible. We don’t stop with the product. we consider our packaging to be an integral part of our product. we utilize amber glass bottles and jars that not only minimize plastic waste, but they protect your products inside. the black biophotonic glass helps keep out harmful uv rays and light that can damage ingredients at a molecular level. no cheap plastic here.

every ingredient we use is of the highest quality. directly from the earth, single molecules, natural isolates; all sourced from where they are natively made and grown. formulated with only active ingredients and without unnecessary fillers, each component plays an integral role in the jack henry ecosystem.

we have created a synergistic relationship between our
products. simply put, they work better together. for
example, the prebiotics in our cleansers work effectively
and in tandem with the sea kelp in our moisturizers to
give real results.


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