When did everything get so dirty?

by Kyle Bardouche

How clean is your hair product?

Most hair products have alcohols, synthetics, parabens, “fragrances”, and nasty preservatives. These ingredients do damage to your hair and strip away your natural oils, not to mention animal testing and the toxins that enter your bloodstream. We encourage you to look what’s in your current product, you will be surprised.

We were so surprised that the “natural” hair product that we were using contained 33 synthetic (i.e. lab-made potentially toxic) ingredients. Since that moment, we set out to craft the world’s only clean + free men’s hair product.

With only 4 clean ingredients, our CLAY POMADE not only provides style, texture and control with an effortless look but also stimulates hair growth, fights off dandruff, is highly moisturizing for your hair + scalp, contains antioxidants, and removes buildup + dead skin cells.

You should know exactly where your ingredients come from and their purpose. We source our ingredients from small family organic farms around the world.

There’s nothing else like it. Check it out.


CLAY POMADE $22 / $32