Morning Routine: Michael Chernow

by Kyle Bardouche

Michael Chernow, restaurateur – founder of The Meatball Shop, Seamores, WellWell is also a husband, father, model, watch junkie, serious fitness freak and STUD. Read below for a peek into his morning routine (hint, he gets up and after it!)

My morning routine is not always the same. The routine changes based on what I am training for, if its marathon or bodybuilding competition, I am up and out at 5:30 am, but if I am not training for anything specific, here's my morning.

5:45 AM

Eyes open... the first thing I do when my eyes open is a smile, I smile from ear to ear, a cheesy, 10-second long smile. I was given this tool by someone I respect immensely, the mental and physical impact the morning smile has on me is incredible.


Typically my kids are in bed at this point, they are early risers and so my wife grabs them and brings them into our room most mornings around 5 am. I roll over and hug and kiss my wife and kids, Finn is 4 and Dakota is 22 months. We wrestle a bit, Donna pops up and starts the breakfast stuff. 


Pop-out of bed and immediately make it, I never do anything before my bed is made. Then I open the curtains and let the sun blast our bedroom.


I hit the bathroom, wash my face, brush my teeth, put on my contacts. 


Once I'm done with the washing and brushing, I hit my knees. I have been praying every morning for the last 15 years. I simply ask the universe to help humble me throughout the day and to guide me with positivity and optimism.


I do 50 push-ups right after my morning prayers.


I make my bulletproof coffee and layout my supplements


Make my breakfast, I've been eating the same thing for a few years now. 4 egg whites, 1 whole egg, 2 cups of spinach. 


Throw on some tunes that the whole family enjoys, typically The Beatles, Queen, or.... The Batman theme song, Power rangers theme song... you know…


Eat breakfast, drink coffee, take supplements. 


Check my emails


Help my wife get the kids ready for the day


Hop in the shower and apply Jack Henry Face Refresh Serum that keeps my face feeling so fresh.


Get my stuff together for the day


Out the door