Get the most out of your Clay

by Kyle Bardouche

Our Clay will be unlike anything you’ve tried. So, in anticipation of its arrival, we wanted to send you a few tips to hit the ground running as soon as it hits your doorstep.

How to apply.

Best applied to slightly damp or towel-dried hair.

Use your finger to scoop a half of a fingertip amount. (Doesn’t seem like much but a little goes a long way.)

Rub between your fingers to heat and smooth out. It’s ready to go when the product disappears but you can still feel it.

Apply to your roots and work through the end of your hair.

Repeat if needed and style.

Bonus points.

We recommend washing your hair with shampoo once a week at most (or work your way up to the once-a-month team). On non-wash days, simply give your hair a rinse with water in the shower. For the last 30 seconds, turn the water to ice cold for extra volume, strength, and styling power with less grease (plus, it’ll give you a boost of energy for the day). Daily shampooing strips your hair of its natural oils which can leave it limp, and hot water can cause dryness and damage. 

Our Clay works best when it’s built up over a couple of days. On day two, you’ll only need to use about half the amount you used previously, and you’ll feel massive texture and control. Ultimately everyone's hair is different so try a few different ways to apply and we’re confident you’ll find it to be the best hair product you’ve ever used. There’s nothing else like it.