How to Love Your Style in 2020

by Kyle Bardouche

A lot of us start out the new year with goals around our time, our career, our relationships, or our health. But there's an area that we sometimes forget has the power to subtly impact a lot of other aspects of our lives - our style.
On the surface, it might sound shallow. We're surrounded by a lot of media messages about how we should dress, what products we should buy to look our best, and how they're going to change our lives. In all that hype, though, there's a grain of truth that's backed up by multiple studies: how we present ourselves affects how others view us and more importantly, it affects our mindset. (Ever try to get work done without changing out of whatever you wore to bed? It's harder to get in the zone.)
Whether you've never given much thought to what your individual style is or you're still experimenting to figure it, it's not about specific brands or clothes. It's about finding a style that reflects you so you can feel comfortable and confident. Here are a few of our tips to help you love your style - and yourself - in 2020.
  • Come up with a few words that describe you and the style you're going for (i.e. effortless, minimal, elevated, casual, leisurewear, laid-back, hipster, streetwear, sustainable, etc.)
  • Follow people (and us) on Instagram and Pinterest (we have a style board) whose style you're inspired by. Save and pin anything that resonates with you so you can reference it later and look for common threads among what you've saved. Check out the explore tab on Instagram for fresh inspo.
  • Make a list of brands that you want to wear and that aligns with your values. In addition to well-known designer brands, there are tons of small, local, and sustainable clothing brands that have emerged in the last few years so if that's something you're into, do some research on Instagram, Google, and Pinterest. Some of our favorites are Lady White, Aime Leon Dore, Fear of God, Nudie Jeans, Saint Laurent, Common Projects, Kith. Anything Lone Flag has especially their house brand beanies and sweats. NORTH Menswear is also stocked on all the good classics. 
  • Shop second-hand first if you're looking for high quality/designer goods without the high price tag ( is our go-to for men's fashion). Easier on your finances and easier on the planet. My closet is made up of 75% pre-owned goods.
  • Start with your own closet. Try out different looks and combos of what you already have and assess what's missing. Sell or donate what doesn't work so that you can streamline your day and build different looks off of what you already love.
  • Invest in quality clothes that you're obsessed with and that will last a long time. When it comes to clothes (and the rest of life), if it's not a hell yes, then it's a no. If you settle for anything less, it will end up in that donation pile in a few months.
  • Wait it out. If you're not sure about pulling the trigger on buying something, give it a week or so and then see how you feel. When you know, you know.
  • Don't compare; go by how you feel. This is about YOU being comfortable, confident, and loving yourself a little better. In the end, it doesn't matter what style you go with, it just matters that you own it.