by Kyle Bardouche

Sam Larson – Lone Flag owner, one of the most stylish gents out there, husband, dad of the year and dad joke master. How does he do it all? Here's how:

My mornings are pretty erratic, it really depends on my kids (I have 3) and when they are going to wake up and demand waffles and chocolate milk (at the top of their lungs). Typically though, I like to start the day pretty early and wake up at 5:30 and sort of set the tone for what happens that day early. 
5:30 (ish) - Wake up and try not to wake up my wife who stays up later than me and sneak downstairs without waking up any kids (hopefully) to make coffee. This all happens in ninja mode.
5:35 - Make coffee and spend time reading, in reflection, and in prayer. Sometimes this is just watching the sun come up and giving thanks for all that I have, everything is a gift. Southern CA sunrise and sunsets never get old and I try not to lose that wonder. 
6:00 - Quincy (my 2-year-old) is up and yelling something like, "CHOCOLATE MILK DAD" as loud as she can. I'll get her up, we'll watch the sun out the window and then I'll turn on a show for her and wrap her up in blankets on the couch upstairs while trying to close the doors of the other two so they can sleep in for 30 min longer.
6:20 - I really love to cook, it's been a later-in-life passion for me so I'll usually always try to make my family a real breakfast if I can with eggs, bacon, spinach, fresh oj etc and then make everyone's lunches...even my wife's so they all have a good meal to get out the door with. 
7:00 - I get in a half-hazard shower (if there is even time for that before school) and try and nuke my body with scalding hot water to complete the wake-up cycle. I always let my hair fully dry and then I'll apply Jack Henry Matte Pomade and just sort of mess it up on top. A beanie comes in clutch if the timeline is too jammed up.
7:30 - I'm out the door with kids dropping them off at different schools and talking to them about the day ahead, new gifs that are funny, Spongebob know, kid talk.
8:00 - En route to the office where I just started working with my wife at her company Rylee & Cru so I'll usually hit the ground on calls as I drive and also check in via text with the Lone Flag guys regarding what's happening for the week ahead.
8:30 Check-in with everyone at the office and start my day. I never check emails or social media before 11am if I can, I want to start the day on my own terms mentally and not someone else's, and comparison is the enemy of contentedness so the more I can contain that the better. 
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