by Kyle Bardouche

jack henry transparency


Let’s talk transparency…

We make all our own products so we have full transparency when sourcing the ingredients, R&D, to how it’s made, all the way until it ends up on your doorstep, between your fingers, and through your hair.

We believe the product starts with ingredients; that’s why we source ours from where they are natively grown and sustainably harvested. Our beeswax comes from a small family farm in Ohio who has been raising bees for 30 years. Our Organic MCT Oil comes from the Philippines. Our Bentonite Clay comes from Death Valley, California and our Organic Lavender Oil comes from the mountains in France.

Production Costs: The costs involved in producing one jar of Clay.

Compliance Testing: Lab testing to verify integrity of our ingredients.

Salaries: Our team of four full-time and two part-time employees.

Packaging: Our black UV blocking glass that is made in Switzerland.

Shipping + Fulfillment: The cost it takes to get it from us, to you. This includes box, tape, and other packing requirements. We offer free shipping on all USA orders.

Operational costs: Our largest expense, and often an afterthought in a customer's mind. This includes business expenses such as R&D, customer service, marketing, design, content production, advertising, software, rent, insurance, returns, taxes, and other expenses.

Total cost: $19.92

We hope this gives you insight into what goes into every product and that you are not only supporting our small brand, but our employees, farmers and everyone else along the way, including our dreams of changing the culture.

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