Morning Routine - Ret Taylor

by McKenna Ruzga

Ret Taylor - dad, husband, avid outdoorsman, entrepreneur, and all-around great guy. Passionate about exploring the powers of nature, nutrition, and movement, he co-founded Ned to help people feel better and live better through a deeper connection to the natural world. Here's how he uses his mornings to stay connected to the rhythms of nature and set the tone for his day.


I’m a big morning guy. It’s when you witness the most magic, especially here in the mountains of Colorado. I’m also big on routine, at least in principle. Here’s how I like to get after it most mornings. 

Get Going

Circadian rhythm is important to me and a great way of deepening my connection to the natural world. Living according to it allows me to go with the flow instead of being a prick about the time I get going. As soon as the first light peeks out though, I’m typically up. I’ll smile big for however long it takes until I’m not faking it then stealth mode it to the kitchen for a tall glass of spring water with lemon and Ned’s Nutritive Salt. 

Get Outdoors 

I live in the mountains above Boulder, CO surrounded by National Forest, world-class road and mountain biking, and some truly epic wild spaces. Every Tuesday, I do the exact same trail run allowing me to mentally prepare for our leadership meeting that morning. A couple days a week, I’ll do MovNat with a buddy on the course I built on my property. Other days, I’ll mix it up with a bike or moto ride, a scramble up the ridge for the sunrise, or just some good old fashioned yard work. The point is to get outdoors, feel that connection and move my body.  

Gratitude & Cold

Before heading in, I sit on the same rock, envision the day ahead and think about what I’ll write in my OAK Journal under the Gratitude section. I then take a few minutes in the cold water tank I made from a cattle trough to keep my brown fat cell count up and get that endorphin boost. 


After a hot (then cold) shower, some Jack Henry deodorant, and getting dressed, I join my wife and daughter for breakfast. Same thing everyday for me, a ridiculous smoothie with all kinds of healthy shit, some salmon and avocado toast, and a big glob or three of my buddy Justin’s Honey Almond Butter. When my daughter is out of school, I’ll spend half an hour as her teacher. Archeology is our favorite subject. Otherwise, we all walk to the bus stop together at 7:49 and wave goodbye. 


I’ve got a beautiful twenty minute commute through the mountains into town. I use it to listen to whatever non-fiction audiobook or podcast I’m into or think through our goals at Ned. I typically feel pretty blessed and fired up walking into the office. If not, I let my business partner Adriaan know I might be wound a little tight that day. Usually just acknowledging that cuts it off at the pass. 


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