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Jack Henry is a lively group that values team bonding, enthusiasm, and free thinking. We’re open-minded and constantly collaborating. The Jack Henry culture is tight-knit, fast-moving, and fun. We’re a community. We seek high performers, hard-workers and humble attitudes. Check out our open positions including Wellness Concierge, Social Media Manager, Cosmetologist, Production + Logistics, and join our team!

Who is Jack Henry?

Jack Henry is an aspiration.

He’s a trendsetter but he’s not trying to set trends.

His life is not a performance for anyone. He lives for himself.

Yet he does not live selfishly.

As a rule, he cares deeply about others.

He’s conscientious about the impact he makes on the world.

He’s aware of what he puts on and in his body.

His style is always easy: his look is fresh yet classic.

But, never practiced.

Jack Henry is genuine.

He seeks substance in all he does; no one could accuse him of pretense.

He’s affable and charming, but never the center of attention.

He speaks softly.

And he may surprise you as much by his familiarity with Chekov’s short stories as with his in-depth knowledge of Chance the Rapper’s career.

Jack Henry cooks.

Though he’s at the top of his game when it comes to work, career is far from being everything for him.

In fact, he’s always doing things a bit differently—in his own way.

He probably lives in LA. Or perhaps, New York.

More than anything, he’s a man of the world.

Jack Henry is as comfortable sipping a solitary coffee in a Tokyo café as he is raising a round of steins in a Munich fest tent.

And while he’ll be the first guy to sign on for a motorcycle trip across Patagonia, he savors every chance to stay in to read a bedtime story to his kids.

Given a choice, Jack Henry would choose the Venice Biennale over Art Basel.

But, he’d feel equally comfortable in either place.

Jack Henry has a deep admiration for women, with whom he’s playful and easy—in both friendship and love.

With guys, he’s a thoughtful, loyal friend.

He craves experience but is never seen to be striving.

For him, everything is done with a sense of simplicity and ease.

Because he embodies the quiet confidence that comes from a man living purposely and well,

Jack Henry is an icon of effortless cool.