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formulation chemist

Costa Mesa / Contract-to-hire Part Time

Jack Henry is seeking a Formulation Chemist to join our team. The ideal candidate will have a strong background in clean + functional ingredients and a passion for creating innovative, effective and sustainable personal care products. In this role, you will work closely with our R&D team to develop new formulations and improve existing products, while ensuring compliance with industry standards and regulations. The successful candidate will be a creative problem-solver with excellent attention to detail and a drive to stay current with the latest industry developments. a passion for creating and innovating tomorrow’s best-selling, award-winning products. The ideal candidate will be experienced at formulating skin, hair and body formulas that seamlessly combine elegant aesthetics with unmatched performance.

Contract to hire. Approximately 10-15 hours per week. Come join a growing team and shape the future of self-care and wellness.

The Role –

  • Independently formulate skin care, hair care, and wellness products

  • Participate in the revision of existing procedures and the drafting of new procedures

  • Must be able to obtain traceable, reproducible, and reliable results with no supervision

  •  Clear and accurate record keeping in laboratory notebooks and some secondary review of other colleagues’ work for scientific accuracy and compliance
  • Ensure that formula submissions are executed in a timely manner and consistent with Jack Henry standards

  • Explore new technologies and materials for potential applications in existing and new projects

  • Keep abreast of best practices, developments and regulatory changes within the industry

  • Adhere to good laboratory practices, SOPs and safety regulations

  • Resolve formula or process problems and contribute information/findings in establishing manufacturing procedures from lab to pilot to large scale production

  • Responsible for keeping accurate records of formulas, manufacturing methods and specifications

  • Actively contribute to knowledge sharing with members of the R&D team

You – 

  • Highly experienced in developing innovative, stable and scalable skin/hair/OTC products. Must be consistently highly productive in order to meet ongoing demand for our formulas

  • Ability to innovate and problem-solve in a timely manner

  • Thorough understanding of cosmetic and OTC raw materials and latest technologies

  • Working knowledge of laboratory and scale-up production equipment

  • Knowledge of cosmetic manufacturing practices and operations

  • Experience with Root Cause Analysis

  • Working knowledge of domestic and international regulatory standards

  • Knowledge of Clean and Natural beauty trends

  • Ability to work independently and collaboratively

  • Must have confidence to mentor and enough humility to be mentored

  • Excellent written and oral communication skills

  • Creative / Out-of-the-box thinker

  • Identify laboratory and pilot equipment and needs; manage an adequately stocked, safe, and orderly laboratory environment

  • Understand division business strategy, role in the company, and how to relate the strategy to our growing needs, and to the tasks and responsibilities of this position

  • Provide market relevant technical insight regarding mainstream activities and support our research pipeline program for new to the world and new to the market products

  • Develop and evaluate new formulations and prototypes correlating the relationship between ingredients and performance; master the functions of ingredients in formulas in order to contribute to market intelligence and pipeline planning and testing

  • Not afraid to fail


Us –

Jack Henry is a self-care and wellness brand based in Costa Mesa, CA with a global presence. Our proprietary, plant-based formulations are created and produced in-house with thoughtful, clean, and simple ingredients that benefit the mind and body. We source our organic + wildcrafted ingredients from around the world from eco-cert family farms. Jack Henry Studios, a wellness club is located in Costa Mesa, CA. An experience to not only look good but feel good. Our brand is often recognized not just for our clean + functional products, but for our commitment to transparency and design. We’ve won awards such as “Hair product of the year” “A Sustainable grooming brand you need to know”, and “The best hair product I’ve ever used”.

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