Why we recommend oil for oily skin

by Bridget Dempster

One of the most common dilemmas for customers with oily skin is how to maintain a routine and find products that don't make them more oily. When we recommend our Super Face Oil- the argument is typically: "I can't use that, my skin is too oily." This is a huge misconception.

Hydration is key to the overall protection of your skin's moisture barrier. The instinct to steer clear of face oils to avoid excess oil production actually does more harm than good - as dehydrating your skin tampers with your body's natural oil production.

When your skin is dehydrated ( or you are dehydrated ) the body speeds up it's oil output to overcompensate. When you don't nourish your skin, it takes it upon itself to soothe and moisturize - which is exactly why some customers experience a seemingly unnecessary amount of extra oil.

When you have oily skin you should be feeding your skin. Avoiding moisture turns into a vicious cycle of tampering with your skin's oil production glands. Using a cleanser that doesn't strip your skin of natural oils is equally essential to finding this balance. Our Cleanse+ is hydrating with clean +  gentle botanicals that feed your skin's microbiomes. 

We recommend priming the skin with our water-based and alcohol-free Face Toner after cleansing. This will balance and brighten, while soothing irritation and any dryness.

The next step is locking in some moisture with our Super Face Oil. Packed with antioxidants and anti-aging elements, this oil is lightweight and fit for everyday use and is the same molecular weight as your skins natural oil production.

This three-step combination is perfect for those looking for clean products to rejuvenate and repair their complexion, while rebuilding a healthy oil production.

If you need extra help navigating which products are best for your specific skin type, book a Face Refresh with us and speak to our specialists about recommendations for your skin needs.