by Kyle Bardouche

Meet Dylan Tucker, jack henry's graphic designer.

Here's an inside look into the tools, products, and routines she uses to start her day off on a high note. 
6am: Because of my kids, my days have a very early start. I used to dread
early mornings, but it has become somewhat of a blessing in disguise.
I think morning light is one of my favorite things.

7am: I try to get my workouts done in the morning, but with kids, that sometimes
gets pushed to an evening routine. i workout at home and use a trainer based
in London who has helped me immensely the past 6 months. working out helps a
lot with my mental health and helps me parent better.

8:15am: I’ll hop in the shower and wash my hair with jack henry’s shampoo. it has made such a difference with how full and healthy my hair looks. it really isn’t your
ordinary shampoo.

8:30am: I brush my teeth with david’s natural toothpaste. It’s an added
bonus the packaging looks as cool as it does.

8:35am: My morning face routine is simple but always the same. I’ll wash my
face with cocokind’s oil to milk cleanser  and follow that with jack henry’s super face oil. My makeup routine is pretty simple as well. When I made the big “only natural and clean” switch in my skincare products, I made sure I did the same with my makeup. I use the merit beauty foundation stick and some ILIA
blush and call it a day.

9am: I do intermediate fasting, and 9am on the dot is when I break my fast
each morning. I will have also made myself coffee and will be in a spot
to start working.

9:30am: As a graphic designer, I spend a big portion of my mornings combing
through inspiration. I believe that is very important for a person in my field. It helps my work stay relevant and innovative. I have a handful of clients I do full time work for, jack henry being one. I work to the background noise of children laughing and or screaming and I love every minute of it.