jack henry is an award winning self care and wellness brand

that prioritizes clean and functional formulations.

clean is at the core of who we are. the jack henry ecosystem is fully integrated and vertical in that we source ingredients that are pure, organic, minimally processed, sustainably harvested, and have a vetted supply chain of trusted family farms. additionally, we are one of the few cosmetic brands that manufacture and produce our products in-house by jack henry employees instead of outsourcing to contract manufacturers . this allows us to remain lean and have strict quality control and standards throughout our entire ecosystem. we utilize the EWG ratings and all our products are rated in the "green". to make sure our products are as pure as we say they are, we send to a 3rd party lab to validate purity, stability and efficacy.


whats on the inside matters most. we believe that our dedication to transparency in every part of what we do is what elevates us. using only functional ingredients, every formulation is always free of aluminum, parabens, phthalates, pegs, sulfates, silicones, plastics, gluten, glycols, mineral oils and artificial fragrance.


we’re committed to clean products from start to finish. that means we care just as much about how our products work for you as we do about their impact on the planet. we strive to use sustainable, recyclable materials and ethically made/grown ingredients whenever possible.


what starts with a shift in the way we see ingredients, leads into an overall lifestyle change. we always educate our customers not only on how to use jack henry products effectively, but how to take better care of themselves.


good art is the elimination of the unnecessary and intention leads to innovation. we’re inspired by the things around us and believe great design enhances your life. we carry this mentality in everything we create; from product packaging and web design, to email communication and our studios experience.

– a note from our founder – 

as a male, i understand the importance of simplicity and performance as a part of my daily self care routine. after years of being unsatisfied with the lack of attention to detail in the market, i also realized that it can be a frustrating and uninspiring experience with traditional products that are filled with damaging and harmful ingredients. that's why my wife and I created jack henry, a new kind of men's wellness brand that prioritizes clean and functional formulations, housed in elevated glass packaging that makes daily hair and skincare  an enjoyable and satisfying experience.

our brand is dedicated to revolutionizing self care and wellness by using only functional and sustainable ingredients, ensuring our customers can enjoy the high quality performance without compromising their health or the environment. we believe that self care is not just a routine, but an opportunity to appreciate and take care of yourself, mind, body, and spirit.

jack henry was created for everyone who seek to transform their relationship with their daily routine, embrace their natural creation, and prioritize self care. our clean and effective formulations, paired with innovated ingredients, make your morning a pleasure, not a chore.

- kyle bardouche | founder