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ingredients you can understand

a clean, refreshing natural deodorant that actually works. plant botanicals and bentonite clay absorb sweat and odor and the euphoric blend of hinoki, juniper and eucalyptus keeps you smelling fresh.

it's amazing. my deodorant here on out. it actually stays throughout the day. other natural ones i've used that hasn't been the case. i love it.
– kevin love, nba all-star and olympic gold medalist


  • 48 hour protection ⟳ 
  • absorbs sweat and eliminates odor
  • goes on clean and doesn't stain
  • a euphoric, fresh scent

formulated and bottled in southern california using organic ingredients and sustainable fully recyclable packaging.

organic coconut oil, organic beeswax, organic arrowroot powder, baking soda, organic avocado oil, bentonite clay, organic hinoki oil, organic juniper oil, organic eucalyptus oil

apply to clean, dry underarms. use daily as needed.


i smell even worse, what's going on?

this is totally normal. your body will take 1-6 weeks to fully detox all the toxins from your old deodorant, that's what you're smelling. most people notice the odor dissipate within 1-3 weeks.

how can I speed up the detox?

drink more water. check your diet - eats lots of clean, organic fruits + vegetables. get sweaty and hit the sauna! 

why do my armpits feel tender?

most likely, this is your body purging out the aluminum, toxins, and bacteria that was being trapped previously. this is normal.

i've developed a rash on my underarms. what can I do?

this can be typical during the detox phase as well and is most likely a reaction to the baking soda. we recommend cleansing your underarms with apple cider vinegar to bring the pH levels back to normal. this has been proven to help alleviate rash in most people. 

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