We focus on the essentials.

Our formulations use only functional, safe ingredients.
Made in California, shipped worldwide.

all day performance · key vitamins & minerals · made with real ingredients · cruelty free · 0% toxic · sustainable · cold pressed superfoods

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find your balance

this scent was intentionally designed to impact your mood by effectively evoking optimism, tranquility and vitality. four years of development and formulated in house. spray close to skin. inhale, find your balance, exhale.

top - bergamot, mandarin, aqua

heart - cedarwood, jasmine, vetiver

base - amber, patchouli, musk

jack henry is a self care and wellness brand based in costa mesa, ca.

through proprietary and transparent formulations, we have created a plant-based collection of full body care you can trust. we source the purest ingredients on the planet for each and every product, all designed to feed the microbiome and bring balance.

jack henry studios – a wellness club

we have created a space that redefines the meaning of wellness. with a focus on education, we are bridging the gap between self-care and fuctionality. every service has been designed for you and your needs.

2948 randolph ave costa mesa, ca